4,500,000 TZS ~$1,958 USD CAMP MANAGER
Hospitality,luxury, Leisure , Travel, Ruaha, Tanzania

An amazing opportunity presents itself for one qualified and experienced Individual in the Hospitality Industry to become a camp Manager. This individual will be based on the site where the camps are on a full time basis.

Position Published
10 Sep 2019
Position Updated
10 Sep 2019
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10 Sep
Applications Suspended
Search Completed
Shortlist Completed
Interviews Pending
Job Offer Pending
128 Applications
2 Candidates Shortlisted
0 Candidates Interviewed
70% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
General Manager
Supervision Of
Entire camp team
Interacts With
Everyone who comes into the campsite
Job Description
Supervise all camp staff and assign additional duties as needed
Plan daily events as needed; post and announce schedules
Liaison with related officials - as to park rules, buildings, equipment and supplies
Enforce camp rules and regulations; model standards for conduct as they pertain to camp staff, camp counselors and campers
Manage all permanent camp facilities, check conditions of camp grounds before and after each group
Inform personnel of needed repairs and equipment
Purchase any additional camp supplies that are needed beyond the regular ordering of food and camp supplies
Make sure light maintenance is done, including trash pickup, cleaning and replenishing common use areas and bathrooms; keep camp grounds neat and clean ? Oversee the packing up of all supplies and equipment on closing day of camp; make sure that all
Oversee the packing up of all supplies and equipment on closing day of camp
Record daily camp attendance
Maintain a record of any and all bills including mileage, accompanied by original receipts
Document all camp incidents
With the assistance of camp staff at the closing of camp, inventory all property, recreation equipment, crafts and craft equipment, kitchen equipment, waterfront equipment, etc.,
Candidate Specification
5 years
Education Level
Valid experience in the Hospitality Industry
MS Office Tools
Industry Related
Knowledge Of
The basics in the local and International Hospitality Business
Skills To
Detail Oriented
Ability To
Manage the staff as well as the camp guests day to day
Very out going personality with exceptional interest in customer service.
A degree in related field is a plus
Hospitality,luxury, Leisure , Travel
Multi cultural
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 25 and 40 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Ruaha, Tanzania
Between 3,400,000 and 4,500,000 TZS
This job is closed from applications.
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