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To ensure the efficient management of the security on all client's premises (both owned and leased). The Security Manager will be the main point of contact for all security matters and shall be the conduit between the Service Providers and the company

Position Published
13 Jan 2020
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13 Jan 2020
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43 Applications
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13 Jan
Applications Received
Search In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Interviews Pending
Job Offer Pending
43 Applications
12 Candidates Shortlisted
0 Candidates Interviewed
45% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
General Manager
Supervision Of
Support Staffs
Interacts With
Job Description
You are responsible to ensure that the Service Provider provide weekly active duty rosters
You are responsible to have an updated list of all security personnel deployed on all client's sites weekly (name, surname, payroll number, site where posted, mobile numbers)
Ensure that all the security officers have completed time & attendance register daily
Ensure that all shifts are checked daily with attendance register from the previous day. All non - conformance will be your responsibility to resolve accordingly.
Ensure that no security officer works double shifts due to poor planning by the Service Providers. E
Ensure that there are no untrained security officers on site by having records off all security personnel training conducted, as well as refresher training references.
Ensure that all persons are accredited in terms of his job description by conducting regular post visits at all sites in using the job description as guideline.
Ensure that disciplinary action is managed by the Service Provider in a satisfactory and consistent manner.
Ensure that the Service Provider renders the service in accordance with the Service Level Agreements and Security Contract
Ensure that the Service Levels as detailed and signed in the security agreement are adhered to and evidenced by daily, weekly and monthly operations review meetings with attendance records and action plans
Ensure that incidents reported on any site are investigated immediately with a preliminary incident report prepared and submitted to Management within 24-hours.
Ensure that a final incident report with route cause analysis, parties responsible and steps taken is concluded timely and submitted to Management.
Prepare and send a monthly investigation report with regular updates to Management on all outstanding investigations.
nsuring that all criminal cases instituted are closed in the favour of/ to the satisfaction of the company.
Candidate Specification
10 years
Education Level
n law enforcement, armed forces or security management at a high level
Knowledge Of
Audit check on security risk areas and developing mitigating and control processes
Skills To
Ability To
work under pressure and work extra hours as needed
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Any years of age
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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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